Earl Grey Hot Tea Assorted Refill Case (18ct x 6 Pyramid Tea Boxes)

Earl Grey Hot Tea Assorted Refill Case (18ct x 6 Pyramid Tea Boxes)

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Indulge in the full-bodied taste of our OP1 black Ceylon tea, perfectly balanced with just the right amount of natural bergamot flavor, and a subtle hint of citrus notes. Walters Bay Earl Grey Tea is an exceptional tea that is well-loved by tea enthusiasts for its superb aroma and impeccable taste.

This case contains 6 boxes that will refill Earl Grey from the Assorted Case. 

Each box contains 18 individually enveloped pyramid tea bags, ensuring optimal freshness and flavor with every cup. Whether you prefer a bold and rich brew or a light and refreshing sip, our premium tea collection caters to all tastes and preferences.

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For easy and stylish organization of your tea collection, consider purchasing our Wire Display Rack and Assorted Case, available separately. With the Display Rack's sleek design, it is the perfect addition to any kitchen, office, or commercial space to showcase our most popular flavors that everyone will love. 


  • 100% Hand Plucked Premium Tea
  • CONTAINS: 6 boxes each containing 18 individually enveloped pyramid tea bags. 
  • FLAVORS:  It is a full-bodied tea with excellent OP1 black Ceylon tea character, flavored with the perfect amount of natural Bergamot flavor with hints of citrus notes. This is one of the most well-balanced Earl Grey teas with perfect tea flavor and natural Bergamot flavor with superb aroma.
  • Not eligible for free shipping.

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