Award-Winning Tea
with a Purpose

The human-factor behind every cup of tea is critical for social, environmental, and economic sustainability. Celebrating tea farmers and being guardians of tea fields is our purpose.

Socially & Environmentally Responsible

As a tea producer, our mission is to provide complete transparency into our direct-from-origin tea supply chain. The well-being of our farmers and the environmentally-friendly agricultural practices are critical in creating our perfect cup of tea.

Direct Source
Your Tea Program

For the last 20 years, our main focus has been foodservice iced tea. We service our customers out of our warehouse system in the United States using traditional broadline distributors.

100% Hand-Plucked,
Premium Ceylon Tea

Walters Bay offers 100% hand-plucked, premium Ceylon Tea with true origin traceability from farm-to-cup. With Walters Bay, it's not just tea, it's tea with a purpose.