Ceylon OP1

$ 7.95
1 lb.

Ceylon OP1 - Orange Pekoe Grade 1. Most renowned of all Sri Lanka's teas, this OP1 produces a well-balanced, slightly malty cup. Maliboda Garden Mark - The forest bordering the northeast portion of the Maliboda tea garden is home to an elusive herd of elephants, which, according to legend, protect the sacred areas of Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak ) mountain. When founded in 1926, the tea estate derived its name from this herd of elephants known as “Maha Ali Goda” in ancient times. A special feature of the tea garden is the famous Kelani river, whose crystal-clear waters are fed by seven waterfalls known as the Hathella. The Kelani river, the mountain soil, and the dedicated workers who tend the bushes and meticulously process the tea leaves combine to create an exquisite flavor and balance to these teas. Today, Maliboda tea garden offers award-winning teas that are enjoyed by tea connoisseurs around the world. 

Contains 1 lb. of loose leaf tea in a sealed foil pouch.