At Walters Bay, we believe that every cup of tea reflects the treatment of the environment and our workers. This is why we strive to use only sustainable agricultural practices and provide our workers with generous benefits and resources.

The journey of a cup of Pure Ceylon Tea begins with the plucker, who hand selects each leaf while ensuring that every tea bush is carefully maintained. These leaves then undergo a meticulous process. They are weighed, withered, rolled, fermented, fired, and graded. The result: a tea of the highest quality.  Every cup of our Pure Ceylon Tea contains the contribution from both nature and our dedicated estate workers.

True Origin Traceability

Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to the environment - to the lands on which we grow our teas. From natural forms of pest control to hand-plucking tea leaves.

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Social Sustainability

We believe in sustainability throughout the process, from planting stage to the tea cup. Our commitment is to ensure sustainability in all aspects of our operations.

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