Social Sustainability

Walters Bay strongly believes that the human factor in every cup of tea is crucial for social sustainability. Healthcare, education, and fair wages are mandatory for communities to flourish and feel empowered.

Pillars of Social Sustainability Initiative

Healthcare: Free medical clinics for co-op farmers and their families. We continuously upgrade healthcare facilities and medical equipment to better serve the co-op farmer community.
Education: Mandatory school attendance for all co-op farmer's children. Walters Bay builds and upgrades school infrastructures and provides educational materials to ensure a proper learning environment for everyone.
Fair Wages/Compensation: Our partner growers and co-op farmers receive above market rate standard compensation for their harvest, which serves to economically empower the tea farming commmunities

We provide continuing education for our female farmers by teaching them life skills through regular forums on how to manage and save their enhanced household income. In addition, classes on health, wellness and child education are offered. We believe that by empowering each of these female farmers, their contribution to the community will grow substantially.

By controlling our processing factory, our export facility, and the sales & marketing of our products, we have eliminated the need for additional middlemen, making it possible for our customers to source tea directly from origin. This estate-direct model has helped to transfer more financial benefits to our co-op farmers and their families.

Ergonomically-friendly, light-weight plucking baskets are provided for our co-op farmers, which are comfortable and easy to use compared to traditional heavy cane baskets.

Walters Bay believes a sustainable living wage should be paid to all co-op farmers. Additionally, Walters Bay provides worker benefits such as housing assistance, retirement savings, health care, schooling, and financial aid for farmers to purchase their own leaf transportation trucks, thus increasing their financial productivity.


Sourcing of green leaf to our processing facility is directly from small tea land holders farmers. The sourcing process is so designed to empower farmers.

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Environmental Sustainability

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