Earl Grey Oatmeal

Earl Grey Tea Oatmeal, a nutritious, filling, and caffeinated breakfast to help you start your day! The combination of oatmeal and black tea provides you with a list of benefits! A few being, its full of antioxidants, helps digestion, is good for your gut health, and supports heart health. Add all this with your favorite fruits on top and you have yourself an incredible meal to fuel your day. 

Servings size: 2 


How to make it: 

  1. in medium size pot, add water and milk and bring to simmer 
  2. remove from heat and add tea bag, let steep for about 10 minutes  
  3. remove tea bag, add oats and stir frequently on low heat, let cook for about 5 to 10 minutes until all the liquid is absorbed
  4. stir in honey, remove from heat, and portion into two bowls 
  5. add more milk and honey to liking and fresh fruit on top
  6. enjoy! 

(for 1 portion divide recipe in half) 

Earl Grey Oatmeal recipe


Source: https://www.breakfastfordinner.net/earl-grey-oatmeal/