Cold Brew Iced Tea - 8 Minute Brew Time!

Our new Cold Brew Iced Tea that takes just 8 Minutes to brew in room temperature water. Great for catering, easy prep, and last minute get togethers! No more waiting around all day for your tea to brew. 

Brewing instructions:

  1. 1 gallon of water in pitcher
  2. Place 1 Cold Brew filter bag in water
  3. Set 8 minute timer
  4. Use tongs to stir and take out filter bag
  5. Done! Pour over ice and add sweetener or lemons to liking 

Tea facts: 

  • 100% Hand Plucked 
  • Zero Calories 
  • No Sugar 
  • No Artificial Additives 
  • No Tea Powder 

Available now on our site at 

Cold Brew Iced tea in water Cold Brew Iced Tea ready to drink


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