New Leaf Glass Tall Tea Mug
with Infuser & Lid

$ 19.99
16 oz

Enjoy your favorite tea everywhere you go. The stainless infuser with extra-fine holes enables you to brew fine loose leaf teas such as Rooibos and large whole leaf teas such as Oolong. With its innovative folding capability of the infuser handles, it is compact enough to carry in your bag or keep it at your desk drawer. Its arms provide stable support while you are making tea in the cup of your choice. It fits in cups diameter in between 2.5" (60mm) to 4.5"(120mm). It is equipped with BPA-free plastic carrying case to offer a clean portable solution for your tea infuser. The bottom of the black plastic dish can serve as a drip dish for the infuser. To make your desired strength of tea, simply take the infuser out from the cup at the optimal time.

Use Instructions

Use caution when handling hot water.
Do not put mug on heating element.
Let boiling water cool down a bit before pouring it in mug.
Use baking soda dissolved in warm water to clean tea stain as needed.