At Walters Bay, we believe that every cup of tea reflects the treatment of the environment and our workers. This is why we strive to use only sustainable agricultural practices and provide our workers with generous benefits and resources. 


Walters Bay Premium Black Tea


The journey of a cup of Pure Ceylon Tea begins with the plucker, who hand selects each leaf while ensuring that every tea bush is carefully maintained. These leaves then undergo a meticulous process. They are weighed, withered, rolled, fermented, fired, and graded. The result: a tea of the highest quality.  Every cup of our Pure Ceylon Tea contains the contribution from both nature and our dedicated estate workers.


Walters Bay Tea Plucker

The close relationship we have with our growers coupled with our strict food safety certification system allows Walters Bay to easily trace the origins of our teas.  We oversee every aspect of production, from farming to processing to sales and marketing. In short, we own and manage the entire value system. Want to know where Walters Bay tea comes from? We keep detailed records of our products, allowing us to trace their origins back to the fields in which the leaves were grown.