Environmental Sustainability

Walters Bay Tea Pluckers


Our commitment to the environment is as strong as our commitment to our workers.
From natural forms of pest control to hand-plucking tea leaves, Walters Bay ensures our teas are grown, processed, and distributed in a sustainable manner.

Hand-Plucking Tea Leaves

All of our tea leaves are hand-plucked in order to:
  1. Ensure premium tea quality
  2. Eliminate carbon emissions from mechanized harvesters
  3. Monitor and remove any imperfect leaves, as well as some insects and pests.

Walters Bay Tea Nursery Soil 1

Soil Maintenance

We maintain the soils by using grass varieties in our fields to control erosion.

Walters Bay Nursery Tea Leaves 1

Limited-use of pesticides

We encourage our growers not to use pesticides, which helps to sustain the ecological balance of the tea fields.

Walters Bay Tea Leaves

Wildlife Conservation

The trees planted in the fields have become natural habitats for various types of birds around the area.

Walters Bay Birds

Pest Control

We use natural forms of pest control such as planting certain kinds of grass that act as a natural deterrent to any pests.

Walters Bay Pesticide

Energy Efficiency

We constantly improve energy efficiency in our processing plants to reduce carbon emissions.

Walters Bay Energy Efficiency