About Us

Walters Bay is a socially and environmentally responsible tea grower in Sri Lanka that processes and packages premium Ceylon Tea with true origin traceability. Let us offer you award-winning premium teas, from our tea gardens to your cup.
From what we produce an estimated 1.5 billion cups of tea are enjoyed around the world, every year.*
*Based on 2 grams per cup

Why you should purchase directly from a tea grower?

A Typical Tea Supply Chain
No Transparency

Tea Estate

Grow + Process
Tea Trader
Package & Ship
Older Tea
With Middle Man
Buying From a Tea Grower
Complete Transparency

Walters Bay

Fresh Tea
Zero Middle Man

Our Mission

At Walters Bay we believe the human-factor is the hidden essence in every cup of tea, which cannot be separated or ignored. As a tea grower, we want to share with every tea lover, the grower’s perspective of the daily efforts and dedication it requires to create a perfect cup of tea. Many times, tea connoisseurs around the world get to enjoy a delicious cup of tea, but seldom have the opportunity of really knowing where and by whom their cup of tea was grown, harvested and processed.

The true transparency to the origin and to the well-being of the tea estate workers are unfortunately absent, and many times become irrelevant. Walters Bay believes the story of every cup of tea starts and ends with a simple celebration of the tea grower. Our mission is to offer our tea lovers complete transparency into our tea gardens, our estate workers’ well-being, and our relentless efforts to make you a perfect cup of tea.

Quality and Freshness of Our Teas

Quality and Freshness of Our Teas

Today, Walters Bay tea connoisseurs around the world get to enjoy the "True Grower’s Quality and Freshness" in every cup of Pure Ceylon Tea.  The mist covered mountains in the central highlands of Sri Lanka are home to our tea gardens and tea processing centers, where perfect soil and an ideal year-round climate produce the world’s best tea. Every day begins with our experienced workers carefully hand-plucking only the finest tea leaves. These leaves are then meticulously processed within 24 hours to guarantee the ultimate in freshness, quality, and flavor.  Just as we put our heart and soul into our own tea, we take equal care in sourcing herbs and spices for our herbal infusions and blends to ensure respect for our fellow farmers. Enjoy the “True Grower’s Quality and Freshness” in every cup of Walters Bay tea.

Tea with a Purpose - Transparency in Sustainability

Without question, the care provided to our workers and their families is directly reflected in the quality of our tea. By purchasing this tea directly from a grower, our tea connoisseurs promote social and environmental sustainability programs in our tea gardens and surrounding communities.  These initiatives include child care centers, schools, retirement savings plans, and medical care for our tea estate workers and their families. As a grower, our care for the land and its resources is sacred. Like the growers at your local farmers market, we at Walters Bay take great pride in what we grow.