Frequently Asked Questions

Ceylon refers to the geographical region (Sri Lanka) in which the tea plant is grown.
In the emerald-green waters of the Indian Ocean, the island country of Sri Lanka, frequently referred to as the "Teardrop of India”.
Also known as tisanes and fruit teas these beverages are made from the infusions of herbs, spices, fruits and other plant material.
Herbal teas do not contain caffeine, since they do not contain any tea leaves.
Steeping tea is personal preference, we recommend 5-7minutes. The larger the tea leaf the longer the brew time. Smaller leaf tea may only need about 4 minutes.
Keep your tea in an airtight container and then store in a dark, cool, dry place free from strong orders do not store it in the refrigerator.
Since our teas come directly from our own gardens you will be getting the freshest teas. Please see our best by date on each product.
No, our teas are currently only available online through our website.
This can be a result of many reasons. Either too long of a brewing time, too much tea, or the temperature of the water is too hot. Too high of a temperature will cook the leaves and ruin their delicate flavors.
Black and Herbal teas brew best at full boil temperatures from 208-212 degrees Fahrenheit. Green tea can be boiled at a lesser temperature 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
Our teas do not have any sweetener
Our teas do not have any dyes.
Yes, our tea leaves are pure and come directly from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is not related to the gluten grains like wheat, barely, and rye.
No our teas are not certified kosher.
Clouding occurs when the polyphenols also knowns as antioxidants in tea bind with natural minerals present in water. This happens when hot tea is iced too quickly. We recommend letting the tea come to room temperature before putting ice in it. This has no impact on the taste just the appearance. In fact the more it clouds the more it reveals the levels of antioxidant in your tea.
There are a couple methods:
Traditional Method:
Start with bringing 4 cups of water to a boil, remove from heat and steep for 5 minutes (or longer depending on your taste)
Sun Tea Method:
4 cups of water in a glass container add the iced tea bag and let it sit in the sun for 3-5 hours depending on how hot the climate is where you are brewing.
Iced tea can be stored at room temperature for about 8 hours and stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.