Rose Blossom
Full Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf

$ 13.99
33 cups

Rose Blossom Ceylon White Tea Full Leaf Tea Loose Leaf begins with our Flowery Silver Special (FSS) tea grade and Silver Tips from our own Noori Tea Garden, in the highlands of Sri Lanka. These tender-most tea buds are meticulously hand-plucked only during the Western High Grown Season and sun dried to perfection. These white teas are mildly flavored with Rose petals and natural rose flavor to create an exquisite flavor profile. Each sip is delicate, smooth and full of white tea flavor, beautifully balanced with floral notes. Contains 100 grams of loose leaf premium full leaf tea in a resealable pouch.

Well-balanced white tea flavor with delicate floral notes. Slight sweetness with smooth, clean finish. Excellent aroma with hints of sweetness.

1) Bring fresh water to a boil
2) Use 2 teaspoons for a 12 floz serving
3) Steep for 3-5 minutes depending on desired strength
4) Drink and enjoy !