English Breakfast
Full Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf

$ 10.99
33 cups

English Breakfast Ceylon Black Tea Full Leaf Tea Loose Leaf begins with freshly hand-plucked tea leaves processed in our own Noori Tea Processing Center, in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Our Award-Winning Pekoe 1 black tea grade is meticulously processed during the Western High Grown season. This grade of tea offers a classic Ceylon signature flavor profile that is ideal as an English Breakfast Tea. It is a full bodied tea with a slight malty character and exceptional aroma. Great as a stand alone cup or with a dash of milk. Contains 100 grams of loose leaf premium full leaf tea in a resealable pouch.

Full bodied, bright cup, slight malty taste with perfectly balanced flavor.

1) Bring fresh water to a boil
2) Use 2 teaspoons for a 12 floz serving
3) Steep for 3-5 minutes depending on desired strength
4) Drink and enjoy !

Global Tea Championship 2018 Highest Scoring English Breakfast

2018 Global Tea Championship

Highest Scoring English Breakfast Black Tea