Lemongrass Green
Full Leaf Tea
Tea Bags in Canister

$ 9.99
18 cups

Lemongrass Green Ceylon Green Tea Full Leaf Tea Bags in Canister starts with hand plucked, 100% Pure Ceylon Gunpowder-Special (GPS) green teas. These teas are mixed with carefully selected natural lemongrass and subtle amounts of lemon peel are added for a slight citrus note. These teas are refreshing, mellow and exceptionally flavorful. This is an invigorating and healthy tea that can be enjoyed any time of the day. Contains 18 full leaf tea bags in a sealed pouch inside a decorative canister. Each tea bag contains approx. 3 grams of tea.

Mellow green tea flavor with slight buttery taste with refreshing citrus notes. Excellent lemongrass flavor, complemented with subtle green tea character. Mild astringency with a hint of sweetness.

1) Bring fresh water to a boil
2) Use 1 teabag per 8- 12 floz serving
3) Steep for 3-5 minutes depending on desired strength
4) Drink and enjoy !