Green Tea Lemongrass
Silk Scarf

$ 125.00
100% Silk

100% silk scarf dipped by hand in a natural infusion of lemongrass and green tea. Sun dried in Walters Bay tea gardens. Unique artisan prints that are never duplicated. Today, TeaCela's are meticulously handcrafted using some of the world's best silk and linen. Each item of clothing is carefully immersed by hand into baths of Camellia Sinensis (black, green, white teas), herbs, flowers and spices. Every TeaCela is patiently massaged by hand with these natural antioxidant rich infusions creating a unique design. We hope you enjoy this wonderful item of clothing from the world of TeaCela!

Dimensions: 21 inches x 75 inches

    Welcome to the amazing world of TeaCela - Tea and Herbal Infused Clothing! The word “Cela” in ancient Sanskrit, means a simple piece of clothing. The age-old craft of infusing medicinal herbs and spices to dye natural fibers in textiles is older than 5,000 years. The ancient people wore these herb and spice infused clothes for their unique healing properties and medicinal benefits. Centuries ago, Buddhist monks would use these combinations of spices and herbs to dye their robes. From monks to royalty, clothing infused with natural ingredients was worn with a purpose and a belief - what caresses your skin as a soft piece of clothing is connected to Mother Earth. Thus, its inherent natural goodness will contribute to the well-being of one's mind, body and soul.

    Walters Bay, as a grower of Pure Ceylon Tea in the beautiful highlands of Sri Lanka, believes sipping a cup of tea connects the drinker to the land, soil, and the tea bushes. This connection to nature is personal and sacred to us. The Tea Masters of Walters Bay imagined this sacred experience beyond a sip of tea, into something even more personal. This was the birth of TeaCela.