Vanilla Rooibos
Full Leaf Tea
Enveloped Tea Bags

$ 6.99
15 cups

Vanilla Rooibos Herbal Infusion Full Leaf Tea Enveloped Tea Bags is a naturally caffeine free herbal infusion that makes an excellent all-day beverage. Our expert tea masters have infused natural vanilla flavor into this premium South African Rooibos, to create an extraordinarily refreshing herbal infusion. The bold, full-bodied flavor of Rooibos combined with sweet notes of natural vanilla flavor offer a beautiful reddish coppery infusion. Contains 15 individual enveloped full leaf tea bags. Each tea bag contains approx. 3 grams of tea.

Full-bodied herbal infusion with mild sweetness from vanilla notes. Slight nutty flavor with bold and medium astringency. Excellent aroma of vanilla and rooibos.

1) Bring fresh water to a boil
2) Use 1 teabag per 8- 12 floz serving
3) Steep for 3-5 minutes depending on desired strength
4) Drink and enjoy !

2017 Global Tea Championship

Rooibos Flavored Bagged Award Winner