Mango Passion Fruit
Full Leaf Tea
Enveloped Tea Bags

$ 6.99
15 cups

Mango Passion Fruit Ceylon Green Tea Full Leaf Tea Enveloped Tea Bags starts with hand plucked, 100% Pure Ceylon Gunpowder-Special (GPS) green tea. This premium green tea is flavored with a perfect combination of natural mango and natural passion fruit flavor. This tea is superbly refreshing, mellow and exceptionally flavorful. Contains 15 individual enveloped full leaf tea bags. Each tea bag contains approx. 3 grams of tea.

Mellow green tea flavor with well-balanced fruit flavor. Mild astringency with a hint of sweetness. Exceptional aroma.

1) Bring fresh water to a boil
2) Use 1 teabag per 8- 12 floz serving
3) Steep for 3-5 minutes depending on desired strength
4) Drink and enjoy !