Walters Bay believes a commitment to responsible business practices must include
Social Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability.

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Social Sustainability

Walters Bay recognizes that our tea estate workers and growers need access to basic services. In the absence of these services,
healthy communities cannot flourish.

There are five main components to our social sustainability initiative:

  • Education: Mandatory school attendance for all children.
  • Day Care Centers: Provided for children before they reach school age.
  • Housing: Subsidized housing for tea estate workers and their families.
  • Healthcare: Free medical clinics for estate workers and their families.
  • Retirement: Retirement programs provided for all workers.

Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to the environment—to the lands on which we grow our teas—is as strong as our commitment to our workers. From natural forms of pest control to hand-plucking tea leaves, Walters Bay ensures our teas are grown, processed, and distributed in a sustainable manner.

  • Hand-Plucking Tea Leaves:
    All of our tea leaves are hand-plucked in order to:
    1. Ensure tea quality.
    2. Eliminate carbon emissions from mechanized harvesters.
    3. Monitor and remove any imperfect leaves, as well as any harmful insects and pests.

  • Soil Maintenance:
    We maintain our soils by using grass varieties in our fields to control erosion.

  • Limited-use of pesticides:
    Minimal use of pesticides helps to sustain the ecological balance of the tea fields.

  • Energy Efficiency:
    We constantly improve energy efficiency in our processing plants to reduce carbon emissions.